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Spring Forward Into Your Life

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." - Marcus Aurelius.

I love how Spring brings new beginnings, opportunities, and possibilities we hadn't even considered. This quote from Marcus Aurelius is genius! Anyone who's lost someone or is a survivor knows what a privilege is it to be alive and live their best life. To think of new ideas that create projects, products, or profoundness. To enjoy everyday things and love those in our lives and what we do.

Spring does that. It renews our spirit after our patterns get old. It considers new ways of doing things after our strategies have expired. It moves us to rethink our thoughts and consider a more positive mindset. It brings forth a more expansive space for wonder. It brings up those things we used to love that our heart remembers, yet our stressed-out mind forgets.

You know? Before you send Captain Obvious to get me, I'll remind you that YOU are still alive! Today is a gift! This is a new season, and it's full of possibilities! What would you want to do this Spring that you've been putting off? What would you like to see different from now on? What is something you want to become? Where do you want to go?

Think about it. If we get quiet with ourselves, it only takes some mindful minutes to check-in. That part of us still dreams of what it could be like. It's still there. Pay attention to your thoughts. You might have great ideas! Write them down, so you don't forget.

Once you have that, think of some things you can do now. I hear you sigh: But now it's too late! I lost my chance. I can't fit it into my schedule. I can't afford it. -How so? We all have the same amount of hours in a day. We all have regrets but also have new opportunities. It's never too late. We all somehow fit into our budget what's important to us and find a way to do it.

By no means am I making light of the economic stress, the anxiety and uncertainty blasting on the news, and the busyness that seems to be our default setting. But what if we could "spring forward" into our lives and be more aware of what we really want. Can we give ourselves a standing chance to live a more fulfilled, satisfied, and happier life?

I've learned that happiness doesn't come in bulk, but there are many little glimpses of joy along the way, if we’re paying attention. We can count them as daily blessings! Happy moments add up! The dreams we think are too far gone, the goals we stopped trying to accomplish because they were too hard; if they're still in your heart, then they're yours to reach! Be brave! This might be your season to fulfill them!

Tomorrow, when you wake up, "think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." I'm sure it will make you spring forward into your life, in whatever way inspires you the most! Happy Spring!

All my best,

Maria A. Mansfield,



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