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You Always Have A Choice


Choose to positively edit your story.

It has taken me so long to understand that all along I had a choice. And you do too. I hope I can save you some time! Each of our choices builds our life at any given moment. On a good day, we make the right one. But what if we don't or others don't? There's grace and compassion available to us. I'm learning we can rewrite or edit how we perceive our past. To look at those experiences as stepping stones that brought us to who we've become today. To see them as tests of resilience, strength, and empowerment, moving us through all the challenges we've out-won so far.


I can almost hear you saying, but you don't know my story and how difficult it was for me. You're right -I don't. Nobody has to convince me that some things we've gone through should have never happened to us. Some pages of our life could easily be torn out of the story our birthdays have told. And yet, I still believe life happened to all of us. Different kinds of threads have woven the fabric of our life. If we're honest though, along with these dark seasons, we've also accrued happy times, memorable ones. Which ones will we focus on? I'm choosing to cherish the lesson and forgive the teacher. It's a process that totally edits my story. Haven't we carried our past long enough? How would you edit your own story? What will you forgive that will give you freedom and peace?


Choose to make peace with your present.

Rewriting our past allows us to live more mindfully in the present. It helps us grow out of old mindsets and strategies that no longer serve us well. Finding perspective in what's right in front of us right now. Understanding that our past doesn't default into our future. We always have a choice as to how we'll respond to the events that happen to us. Our response can actually improve the outcome. Do we see opportunities to choose gratitude, compassion, understanding, love, and forgiveness as ways to create a less stressful and anxious present?


Choose to play full out.

What if you stopped defining your future based on your past? Living a bigger life than the one you'd live by default? Imagine if you had less negative chatter disempowering you or limiting beliefs that kept you stuck. If you used your past experiences as fuel for what you still want to accomplish, want to become, and see fulfilled. You'd have unlimited potential!

-No! It's not too late and you haven't lost your opportunity! We're breathing; we're here! These dreams are still in your heart. Dreams don't expire. We think life is too short, yet we underestimate how much we procrastinate and waste the time we do have. So how will you choose to play full out with the time you have left? What will you do that makes you feel alive and leaves a legacy?


Choose you. Do you.

In a digitally and visually enhanced world where everyone wishes they were someone else, choosing to be ourselves is an excellent choice! The world will get our best version if we live within our authenticity. Don't wish you were someone else, be who you are. You'll be great at it! You’ve been doing it for a while now, so you’re a pro! You are the only one who can complete your assignment. It's customized to you. You already have what it takes! Our Creator already packed in us everything we'd need to succeed. He already knew our story and what we'd dream of doing. Choose YOU. Everyone else is already taken! Make the most of the life you’ve been given; there will never be another you. For real! When you transition, the world will miss your uniqueness and the gift you are!


I heard this amazing phrase this past weekend: "Just as you don't get to be someone else, nobody gets to be you either." I love that! If others haven't picked you, then you choose yourself. Others might not see the dream in you and the assignments you get to live out. My hope is that you feel encouraged to recommit to the appointments you have with your own life.


Maybe you needed to read this today. Lucky you. Will you dust your dream off? Prioritize what's important to you. Life can get so noisy and busy. Remember how it felt when you imagined seeing your vision come to pass. It's still out there, and you are the right one for the job. You've already been chosen; but will you choose You?


All my best,

Maria A. Mansfield

Author and Life Coach CLC


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