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Just Breathe...

These Fall afternoons, I’ve been outside walking our dog Wilson, admiring the changing colors on the trees almost with the wonder of a child. Fall never fails to astound me with its beauty. The fresh air seems to beg you to breathe it in deeply. Whether you walk is two miles or two houses down and back, it’s still the same fresh air sensation when you can “Just Breathe!”

When we breathe deeply, not only does it help our brain calm down, it also enhances our general wellbeing. It gives us a better perspective on things and a deeper sense of awareness of the present. Some people tend to think the phrase “Just Breathe” helps someone who’s stressed out or having a panic attack, and they would be right. But it’s so much more than a quick fix for anxiety. Breathing brings grounding and an awareness of ourselves.

Sometimes we use “Just breathe” so frequently, almost as a pseudo joke, that we forget the profound meaning it packs. Some time back, I discovered you can breathe in other concepts apart from the air when you sit in silence by yourself. The first second we were born, Almighty God breathed the breath of life into our lungs and gave us Life. Every time we breathe and have good and positive thoughts, we honor that life.

These are some of the “Breathe in / Breathe out” phrases I’ve found helpful and meaningful. I hope maybe some help you too.

Breathe in, hope. / Breathe out, fear.

Breath in, encouragement. / Breathe out, despair.

Breathe in, inner peace. / Breathe out, worry, and stress.

Breathe in, joy. / Breathe out, the anxiety.

Breathe in, “I’m enough.” / Breathe out, “I didn’t do enough.”

Breathe in, “I do my best.” / Breathe out, “I want it to be perfect.”

Breathe in, “I am healthy.” / Breathe out, “I’m afraid I’ll get sick.”

Breathe in, “I am grateful for my life.” / Breathe out, “It wasn’t what I expected.”

Breathe in, “It’s never too late.” / Breathe out, “I’ve wasted a lot of years.”

Breathe in, “I can still be successful.” / Breathe out, “I’ve failed in the past.”

Breathe in, “I get a new chance.” / Breathe out, “I blew my chance.”

Breathe in, “I can do this.” / Breathe out, “I don’t have what it takes.”

Breathe in kindness. / Breathe out the division.

Breathe in silence. / Breathe out distractions.

Breathe in listening more. / Breathe out assumptions.

Breathe in simplicity. / Breathe out clutter.

Breathe in, faith. / Breathe out, doubt and disbelief.

Breathe in, “I am loved.” / Breathe out, “I’m not good enough.”

Breathe in, “I am forgiven.” / Breathe out, “I have to live with this.”

Breathe in, “I have great relationships.” / Breathe out, “I still hold grudges.”

Breathe in , positive thoughts. / Breathe out, negativity.

Breathe in, learning as a way of life. / Breathe out, “I’m under-educated.”

Breathe in, resiliency. / Breathe out, “This is too much!”

Breathe in, “I make a difference.” / Breathe out, “My life is just average.”

I hope you get to enjoy this beautiful Fall and “Just Breathe...”

All my best,

Maria A. Mansfield

Author: “Life is Worth Getting Better,” “Honoring Your Recovery” &

“Tu Vida Merece Que Te Mejores”


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