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Finding the Good in our World and Others

What a challenge it can be to find the good in the world today when we switch on the news. How we may hesitate to find the good in some people and even more in ourselves. I've seen how in our fast-paced life, it takes intention to discover that every situation has good baked into it. How every person has divinity in them, so there must be something positive about them. It takes no ability to see what's wrong. But when we see the good, our heart reaps gratitude.

Focusing on the positive in others, the world, and even ourselves helps us identify what is still excellent, admirable, beautiful, and worthy about our shared human experience. What we admire in others are traits we might aspire to have. There's something organic in finding the best in everyday situations and people. It's given me a sense of hope to keep believing in everyone's essential good as a default. It's also rendering a more profound understanding that most of the time, people do life the best way they can or have been taught.

As I take stock of my life, I recognize the positive impact so many people have had on me. -No, they were not perfect. None of us are. Yet, I will still count their imprint on me as a gift: Parents who loved and provided for me. Dedicated Teachers who instructed me. Best Friends who listened when the bottom fell out. My loyal Spouse who loves me and chooses a life together. My Family who offers comfort and emotional shelter. A praying Mom whose prayers outlived her life. Inspiring Authors and Speakers who elevate my thinking and my potential. Great Mentors who give genius advice. Creative Artists & Musicians who pour their hearts out. Complete strangers who assisted in an emergency. Counselors who help make sense of the past. Doctors who take care of my health and delivered our babies! The list goes on.

So WHO would make your list of all the people who positively impacted your life? In what other situations can you see good as you go about your day? It doesn't need to be majestic. Focusing on the positive side of things helps me overcome my challenges. Even the hope that whatever we go through will eventually pass and somehow work out in the end.

Last week my youngest son went back to College, and my oldest is moving to Los Angeles in 9 days! It's a transition time for us. The house, which was just full of Summer, laughter, family meals, fishing, golf, and activities, is about to become very quiet. From those empty bedrooms, I will find joy in knowing they were well enjoyed. I will miss our boys deeply in my heart. Still, I will be grateful for their lives and who they've become. Hopeful for their success in all they do and for all their life experiences waiting for them. Blessed for having the privilege of raising them with my husband and for how we also grew as Parents. Seeing the positive side of this transition is also recognizing they're ready to navigate their adult life now. I'm so grateful that my husband and our dog Wilson are staying! I also have my coaching job, our home, continued learning, and everything else that keeps me busy. Another bonus blessing of having a life!

Maybe you're in a transition or a significant change right now. Life is always in motion, constantly changing. Or you might even be waiting for something to unfold. It seems like everyone's waiting for something. An event. A relationship. A job. Another chance. A purpose. A better life. But what if in the waiting we could find the good in our current situation? Because that thing we desire will bring blessings as well as new challenges. Maybe seeing the good, where we are right now, and being grateful for our present moment can be just the ticket to a more satisfying life.

Paulo Coelho once said: "When every day seems the same, it is because we have stopped noticing the good things that appear in our lives." I love that. I believe it because I've done it!

The changing of the season might be an excellent place to start changing our view on how we see the world, others, and ourselves. Having a more positive outlook and a desire to find the good everywhere we may go and in everyone we meet will bring a sense of joy to our life.

All my best,

Maria A. Mansfield



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