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Every Day We Create Our Own Reality

If there was ever someone who thought they couldn’t change their negative reality of how things were and their feelings and thoughts about their inner world: yours truly.

Seriously, people see me as a positive influence now and an empowering certified Life Coach. But it wasn’t always like that. I had to change my reality by changing my mindset, words, actions, and how I related to others. Was it easy? Course not! Yet I still do it to live out my best version. This is why I can confidently tell you as a living testimony that you can -anyone can, change your reality if you so choose to.

In my book: “Life Is Worth Getting Better” (by Maria A. Mansfield), my personal journey includes ten years of suffering debilitating clinical depression and anxiety in ways that affected me but also my family and friends. Yet I wrote of how I could change my reality by choosing to do something about my situation and owning my healing process. My experience was painful at best and excruciatingly hopeless at worst. Yet, I’ve learned not to scratch that experience off as a bad batch of ten wasted years -which I easily could. Instead, I choose to value them as hard life lessons that positively shaped my current reality and who I am today. What about you? Pain doesn’t escape the human experience. Yet aren’t we somehow empowered to choose how we’ll respond in our dark seasons?

The famous quote from Anais Nin, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are,” is so true. I’m pretty sure this has to be something we all share.

If I’m honest with myself, I know how many of my perceptions still create the reality in my inner world. I often remind myself to mind my mind. Thoughts have the ability to create our emotions and even shape our words. Words have the power to create our inner world. What we think of or say, even jokingly, has the power to manifest into good or bad circumstances. We are living out today the things we’ve been telling ourselves or thinking over the past week, month, or years. What internal dialogue has played out for you? How could we positively shape our world with more accurate perceptions, thoughts, and words?

Our values, core beliefs, and behaviors also shape our inner world. -Are these in sync? Leon Festinger calls it cognitive dissonance when our actions don’t correspond with our values and core beliefs. This takes such a toll on us that the mind will work overtime to bridge that dissonance to operate coherently. This happens to everybody all the time. Being at peace with our beliefs and how we live those values could take a lifetime. I get it, but it could also eliminate so many layers of stress in the meantime. Would it be worth a try?

The way we relate to others also shapes our world. Our relationships affect our inner world more than we realize. How are yours doing? Are they a one-way giving and just draining you? Or are they healthy, positive, and balanced? Granted, we all have both. But which ones will we allow into our inner circle? Maybe that’s the real challenge.

How do we use all these aspects to shape our world? The reality is that we’re already doing it every day, one way or another. We’re either recreating the same exact circumstances, good or bad. Or we can have the courage to change the aspects we can, to better suit the life we’d love to experience... What could you do today to improve some aspect of your reality? Small changes create a significant impact. A positive mindset can breed impressive results.

Our physical world is such a wonderful, beautiful, majestic, unique, and extraordinary place. Did you know you can design your own world just as wonderfully? How will you create it for this next stretch of your life? And most importantly, who will you become in the process of creating your own reality?

All my best,

Maria A. Mansfield

Author Life is worth getting better

Honoring your recovery

Tu vida merece que te mejores


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