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A New Kind of Resolutions for 2023

Happy New Year! How’s your 2023 so far? I hope it’s going extraordinarily. I am so excited when the new year starts! It’s so fresh and perfect. I get a sense that I’m starting a new chapter in my life. Just the expectancy alone inspires me to want to improve and elevate what I do.

These are some of the activities and choices I’d like to continue practicing this year or start. I wrote this list to feel inspired, not to beat myself up for not doing it before. Maybe, who knows, some of these might be on your heart too? So let’s tackle them together!

-Decide to be happy! Happiness is intrinsic. It’s not about waiting for everything to be perfect.

-Honor who you are, what you like, and what’s key to you. Authenticity is rare these days.

-Give yourself a chance to do something you’d love. Like that thing you’ve been putting off.

-Buy your dream a new outfit. It’s not too late! Get excited -this could be the year it happens.

-Be brave. Show up and start. That’s always the hardest part of conquering procrastination.

-Find your quiet. Tune out the noise and distractions and listen to your heart. You’ll be amazed!

-Take a walk outside without using your phone. Just breathe. Be present. You’ll feel renewed.

-Go for a day trip. Discover a place you’ve never been. Day trips can serve as mini-vacations!

-Learn something new from someone. Everyone we meet can teach us something -if we listen.

-Start a new tradition in your life or with the ones you love. You could be initiating a legacy.

-Create what you wished already existed. The creative process, I think, makes us love it more.

-Call that friend you’ve been meaning to. You might make their day because you took 5min.

-Believe in the basic good of others. Forgive. Everyone’s fighting something we don’t know about.

-Admit when you were wrong. Apologize. Your apology packs a blessing for you too.

-Try to find the good in others and yourself. It takes no effort to see what’s wrong.

-Bring joy to others, and you will feel it too. Joy is the strength of the heart. Don’t lose yours.

-Give yourself some grace and compassion in the same measure you’d give your friend.

-Keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts, feelings, plans, and dreams helps bring clarity.

-Drink more water. Eat healthier. Exercise. In just a few weeks, your body will thank you for it.

-Be grateful for who you’re becoming and all your blessings. It will give you a positive outlook.

-Love yourself a little more this year. Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. You’re amazing!

-Live at peace with yourself and others. It could eliminate a few layers of stress from your life.

-Forgive yourself for what you can’t. It’ll set you free from guilt to inspire you to become better.

-Write a note to your younger self. Tell them they’re alright in the future and that life is a gift.

-Save some cash. Consider figuring out ways you can save to live life better. Every little counts.

-Pay off at least one credit card. The person you’ll become in the process will empower you!

-Tidy a room. Or start with a drawer, a shelf, or even your desk? You will love how it feels.

-Donate what no longer defines you. Someone else will love to have something new to them.

-Call or visit your Parents if you can. Time is just flying by! I wish I could call mine once more.

-Thank that friend who helped or listened to you when you needed someone to be there.

-Start something new. Finish something that’s pending. Stop something that doesn’t help you.

-Whatever your job is, do it well. Work hard. Give your best. You will feel a sense of fulfillment!

-No one can go back to change their past, but anyone can go forward and change their future.

-Leave the past behind you. It’s a new day! -A brand new year! Live it like it was your last.

-Get back up -you can! Try again. A different way. Make better choices. Be open to new ways.

-You have managed to overcome each one of the challenges! That’s why you’re alive! That means you still have something to offer this world -only you can! Make 2023 your year to do it.

My best wishes for you this year include:

Joy for your 2023 journey. Satisfaction in your daily activities. A sense of purpose in this new season. Patience for what’s taking longer. Resilience for what feels insurmountable. Light for the dark days. Faith for what you still hope for. Gratitude for what you have. Love that sees who you are. Friendships that share experiences. Laughter to lighten your days. Hope in God, who cares and loves you unconditionally. A sense of awareness and focus on the present. Now. Here. Today. I hope 2023 is your best year yet.

All my best,

Maria A. Mansfield

Author and Life Coach

Life is Worth Getting Better,

Honoring Your Recovery,

Tu Vida Merece que te Mejores.


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