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4 Ways To Truly Be Yourself

Albert Einstein once said: "In a world where you can be anything, be yourself." I think he was onto something. Why do we wrestle so much to be our true selves? I've lived in a few places and seen this pattern everywhere, -starting with my bathroom mirror. Don’t we all have some aspect we try to ignore? Inevitably what we try to cover will eventually cover us. I'm still practicing, but some things that help me be more truly myself are these 4.

1. Befriend yourself: Have you ever thought of befriending yourself? We do ourselves a disservice when we compare ourselves to others after scrolling on social media and then discredit who we are. When we fail to be unapologetically authentic to who we truly are, it disempowers the core fabric of our life, values, views, and belief system we hold. -If I asked you, what are some cool things about being yourself? What were you like as a kid? What have you accomplished despite your challenges? What are the 3 top things you're proud of doing well? I'm sure your story would be compelling! Why befriend yourself? Because you're an original, a limited edition, a one-of-a-kind! There's nobody like you in the entire universe. Start by just being patient with yourself when you make a mistake. I know you're able because you'd be patient with your friend in a heartbeat. Why don't you try it out? By accepting yourself more, you'll also be more accepting of others. Just this small action will elevate your relationships and your level of joy.

2. Embrace your journey and who you've become: Think of what makes you, you. All your experiences, what you've learned, where you've been, the things you've been able to do, try, overcome. All this took time, effort, self-confidence, courage, faith, and stepping outside your comfort zone, to name a few. Your story has shaped you into who you've become, but it doesn't need to stop here. You can continue to become an even better version of yourself. Also, try sending compassion to the younger versions of yourself. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, let it all go -just save the lessons. You will gain more peace in your life. Your journey is not over. But run your race. Don't run a race you're not competing in. You do you.

3. Find your tribe: Who's your tribe? Do you have one? Are your friends real people or just virtual? Do they know when's your birthday? Can you tell them exactly how you've been? Finding friends and loved ones who support, encourage and empower you -as you do for them- is essential at every stage. People who accept you just as you are, respect you, and do not try to change you into someone you're not, might be your biggest blessings. You don't need 120 friends! The good ones might be just a handful or less. It's not about the number of friends. It's about feeling accepted and free to be truly yourself among them.

4. Do what you love: Find what inspires you and gives your life a sense of satisfaction. For every person, their interests will be different. Honor what you like, don't compromise. And whatever your choices may be, they'll elevate your motivation, bring perspective to your thoughts, and reduce worry and anxiety. They might even come with a community that enjoys doing what you love as well. So make the time to do what you love!

Finally, we could all have a social media conversation. Some people want to be someone else, have their gifts and talents, and almost barter their life for theirs. Not realizing that others are watching them and would love to trade in their life for the one they're trying to get rid of. What if we all lived the one life we were given as best we can? Being true to ourselves by accepting our own house blend of strengths, gifts, talents, weaknesses, looks and abilities as vehicles to live out our destiny as best as we can. Wouldn't that be some rare authenticity? When would "now" be a good time to be truly ourselves? Truly be yourself. You’re extraordinary! All my best!

Maria A. Mansfield

Author and Women’s Life Coach


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