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Presenting my NEW BOOK: “Tu Vida Merece que te Mejores”

I am honored to present my new book ‘Tu Vida Merece Que te Mejores” that’s just been released today.

It’s the Spanish version of “Life Is Worth Getting Better.” A faith-based journey of Recovery from Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar 2. In my narrative, the first chapters describe what happened to me previously to my diagnosis. Then I explain what helped me the most in my treatment, including the verses in the Bible, which sustained me through this struggle and how I feel today.

For me, the value of this experience has been to better understand others in their own struggle with mental health and be able to help others through this book and volunteering work with NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness)

I wanted to share my personal story because it might resonate with others who struggle with similar challenges. If you’re facing this reality right now, you have to know you’re not alone. Many have these sicknesses, even the ones we suspect the least.

I want to encourage you to find the help you need so you can recover as well. Hopefully, my story can inspire you to believe you, too, can get well. Your life is precious. That’s why “Life is Worth Getting Better” / “Tu Vida Merece Que te Mejores.” You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get better.

The Spanish version represents a breakthrough for me. I believe in Spanish and Latino Cultures, we still need to have this conversation on mental health. Just because we don’t talk about it as much, doesn’t mean these challenges don’t continue to be a reality for many. I believe that if my story can inspire ONE person, then the book was worth my time and the privilege to share it.

All my best to you or your loved one who still struggles

Maria A. Mansfield


Other books:

“Life Is Worth Getting Better” 2016

“Honoring Your Recovery” 2019

“Tu Vida Merece Que te Mejores” 2020

Available on, URLink Publishing Company, and all bookstores


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