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Then One Day We Become Moms

I still remember when I found out I was pregnant with both my oldest and youngest sons. I was ecstatic with joy! I could hardly believe it! Then I wondered if I was qualified for the task. With a mix of feelings, I realized that for the first one -of course, I wasn't. Nobody is. For the second time, maybe a little more prepared, but for having two -barely.

I celebrate Motherhood because it forever changed my life, defined me, and brought so much purpose to my life.

Motherhood is a skill you learn while you're doing it -probably like everything else in life. There's really no manual -there's just you and your instinct. But I have found that's always enough. Moms just know what their babies need more than anyone else. Mother: It's a title just above Queen. What a joy and a responsibility to be one. What a great privilege to have one. Or their memories that still live on. Because what they've taught us is tattooed on our hearts.

When I hear Moms say they're just a stay-at-home Mom, I want to remind them of this phrase someone once said: "To the world, you're a Mother, but to your family, you are the World" Author Unknown. Moms give the best to their children, and do so much they could never be re-paid. They do it because they love on another level. They stay when others leave. They try hard even when it seems impossible. They never give up believing in their kids.

Having my husband with me, of course, was a tremendous help in raising our two boys. He is an extraordinary Father. But I think of all the Moms who still make it on their own. They do because they're Moms for life. They love and care the best way they know. They do everything they're able for their kids. They're heroes. So today, we celebrate all the Moms -everywhere.

"Making a decision to have a child -it's momentous! It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside of your body." Elizabeth Stone. This is so true.

As Moms, we tend to worry: "Are we doing this the right way? Are they going to turn out fine? Have I done enough? Will our kids make it?" These are constant reminders of all that is at stake in our lives and theirs. We think of the sacrifices we made and all we've done to raise them right.

We try to be these perfect Moms, but there's no such thing. Jill Churchill wrote: "There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one." We can give ourselves some grace if we make mistakes. We're all learning to be Moms while everything else demands our time and attention.

I always think of how my Mom still prays for all of us and all our children -every day! I know my Mom's prayers have helped me through difficulty. I am grateful for her faith that carried me when mine was failing. When we pray for our kids, they are blessed; we hold their hearts.

As Moms, we know that our job requires extravagant love, unending patience, incomprehensive persistence, a high dose of humor, plus a wholesale amount of Kleenex. It's what we do. We wouldn't change a thing. Although sometimes the going gets tough, we don't see a way; -but we don't give up! It's when we thought they were not paying attention, that they were learning the most. The times they were reading our life more than our words. -I guess they were listening after all!

So we keep doing what we do. We love at all costs, protect fiercely, and care extravagantly for those we love. Knowing all the time that we don't own our children, we are just entrusted with them for a while. Make it count. Time flies! Tell them what they can become, and they will. Instill hope in them so they can withstand adversity. And take heart, you're doing a great job! -One day they will thank you for all you did for them. This is why we celebrate MOMS this Sunday!

To all Mothers everywhere, Happy Mothers Day! All the best,

Maria A. Mansfield, PRS Author "Life is Worth Getting Better" and "Honoring Your Recovery"


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