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Be Fearless!

The news is relentlessly flooded with gruesome stories on the COVID-19. We’re all shut-in at home. Anxiety and fear seem to linger longer than our initial mindset could handle, and our courage threatens to fail us. It’s a worldwide feeling that levels us all.

But today just happens to be Good Friday. I was so inspired this morning that the worst Friday in history, could be called “Good Friday.” Maybe we can learn something through this. If something precious in your life died -or someone; I have to believe that it will bring a new beginning. A new hope. I am hopeful that this Spring, which has brought so much sickness, death, and fear, will also be redeemed into something better than we could even imagine. Don’t let your dreams goals and your purpose die because of this. Take heart. -Be fearless!

I believe a bigger story is being written through this experience. Maybe it’s the beginning of a better world, in which we all care more, and are our brothers’ keepers. One where we love others on a deeper level because we all shared a common struggle. A world in which neighbors and family are taking care of their seniors. For once, long due, it seems that the most vulnerable in our society have taken priority.

I love the stories of hope on social media -even in the face of adversity. Or the ones of people making meals for the homeless and shut-ins. The awareness of other people’s needs that has made us buy just one of the limited goods in the stores. The simpler life we’ve gone back to. The creativity we’ve shown and the projects we’ve completed because we finally had the time.

I think the sacrifices we are all making will let us experience this Lent season at a different level this year. Maybe we’ll recognize the blessings we had all along in a more real way. The gift of family, the memories of the ones we’ve lost, the joy of helping others and lifting them up. The privilege of praying and meditating for healing for those who are suffering and sick. The honest invocation for mercy for those who feel forgotten or alone. What a gift to be finally united, whichever our beliefs.

I truly believe we can’t let fear win this war. Fear and worry are a sure recipe to cripple our faith and hope. After all, we have each other. We also have a God who knows about sacrifice well. Who will never leave us, especially in our difficulties! I am trusting this promise in Isaiah 46:4:

“I have made you. I will carry you. I will sustain you and will rescue you.”

Stay positive, think of good things. We will get through this. I heard my Pastor say: "We don’t need to wait until Sunday to know our Redeemer lives." A new life is beginning. A new and improved you! -Be fearless!

Happy Easter,

Maria A. Mansfield, PRS

Author: Life is Worth Getting Better” and “Honoring Your Recovery”


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