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What I'm Learning During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Here are 10 things the Corona Virus Quarantine has taught me so far -but I’m still learning a few more. Maybe it might seem simplistic, but I refuse to lose my joy over this. After all, a crisis always brings growth, learning, and change. At least it’s been like that for me.

1. Family is a great gift. When we’re all so busy doing our thing, we can easily forget how blessed we are to have them and how limited our time together really is. Let’s cherish every chance we get to do lunch and dinner together, laugh, and spend time during these days.

2. We are stronger together. These are challenging times for everyone. My husband is doing Home Office, my son has no classes, and my other son in LA has no job at the restaurant. Even for businesses, fitness centers, movie theaters, or any regular social gathering, this is a considerable set back. But being apart doesn’t mean we’re alone. Now is an excellent time to be united. No matter what political party you root for, or what country you live in, this has affected everybody. Every President has had an unforeseen crisis. This is not a good time to be divided. We all must work together to find a solution and look out for each other, any way we can.

3. I’m so glad I can cook! I have my guys at home, and they seem to eat all the time! Having to come up with Lunch and Dinner on the same day is a little different for me -but I’m glad I can do it. They are also helping out! I even did some baking the other day. Cooking is a useful skill for anyone, -especially now that take-out is limited.

4. An organized home! Since we’re home a lot, I’ve cleaned out several closets, drawers, and cabinets. We got rid of so much stuff we were not using! If you can’t even think of doing a whole room, start with your wallet or purse. Getting organized saves you time and money.

5. Boost your creativity. I’m working on a decoration project I've always wanted to do, that should get me through Friday! I’m so excited I still get to do something fun even if I’m home. What about you, what would you enjoy doing these two weeks? Now you finally have time!

6. Old school housekeeping. At a time, when we can’t even find paper towels or disinfectants, maybe old school cleaning might not be such a bad idea. My Mom used to clean our house using a clean kitchen towel, bleach, plain detergent, vinegar, and some lemon juice. Maybe our Moms or Grandmas knew a thing or two on cleaning!

7. Save cash! Since we don’t go out as much, we’ve saved money. I realized that at least half of the stuff we get is just because we’re out shopping, -even if we didn’t really need it. I guess there’s still online shopping but even that has limited supplies these days. Save up some!

8. Stop worrying! I honestly think that while the news channels are doing their job, they’ve also taken this way too far! TV news seems to be infecting everyone with fear, doubt, and anxiety. I turned mine off just for my sanity and my sense of peace. Of course, we’re doing everything we’re able to keep safe and disinfect every room in our homes. But after you do all of that, seriously, -what else can you do? One thing we can do: Stop worrying, and hope for the best. It’s the worry, the anxiety, and the fear that will make us sick if not!

9. Have a sense of humor! I’ve seen so many jokes these days on social media, you cannot help but laugh! Not at the severity of the damages the virus caused, of course, but in general.

10. Live out our Faith. A crisis is a fabulous opportunity to see what we’re made of. In what or in Whom we are trusting. If we say we have faith and get all bent out of shape on these occasions -do we really have it? God is the keeper of our days. We are not going to add a single minute to our life by worrying. Let’s live with a positive mindset that -even this shall pass!

All my best to you and your loved ones,

Maria A. Mansfield, PRS

Author: "Life is Worth Getting Better" & "Honoring Your Recovery"


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