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Life Comes Full Circle

Spring is almost here! I'm so excited to see some color in my back yard again, the crocuses and daffodils have started blooming. They look so perky and gorgeous against the past winter scenery.

Just like other times, for me walking outdoors is the perfect classroom for Nature to teach me about how life works. I am well aware that the pretty flowers that came up have come full circle. For them to bloom, the old ones had to die, and new ones had to sprout. This is such a beautiful cycle! I also happened to notice that some of the weeds we had last year also started to come up again. This was not such a glamorous cycle.

Simple things like these witness how life circles around for us too. Every time we realize we've accomplished a dream we had when we were growing up, that's coming full circle. When we're busy doing what we're passionate about, which we could only dream of before, that's coming full circle. When we complete something that maybe our parents or a loved one had started or might have planned, it's like we've honored their life circle.

When we realize we've come full circle on any level, we can trace back our journey and the experiences that brought us to where we are today. It seems simple, but it's really amazing! Having that awareness is a great virtue. It causes us to see ourselves, what we prioritize, and what we're about. It's being mindful of all the steps and bypasses we had to overcome to get here now.

I also believe that the experiences that still seem unresolved in our past will be what draws us into the same kind of scenarios we swore we'd never have to relive again. -Just like the weeds that slowly creep up! Unfortunately, those same experiences can also circle around, if left unchecked.

The good news is that when we can identify what these experiences are, we can redirect our efforts, so they don't circle around again. For instance, if we can let go of the hurt and forgive someone or ourselves, we'll be set free from the pain. If we can learn to complain less, maybe we can enjoy more. We might even be able to argue less and love more. What if we worried less and trusted more? I wonder if we could doubt less and believe more! What a difference it would make if we could work less and relax more. What a shame if the same things that hurt us, had the potential to harm the very ones we love.

Spring has a way of lifting my spirit and giving me that sense of renewal. I was thinking that before going out and buying new décor for our homes this Spring, we could first start by "renewing" ourselves. By having more joy and a more profound sense of peace in our life. By being grateful for the gift of life itself. For never giving for granted the love of those who love us back. By having more hope that our days are valuable and have a purpose in every season. These are among the best blessings we can count. The ones that one day will tell our story of how our life came full circle.

All the best for this new Spring Season,

Maria A. Mansfield, PRS

Author: Life Is Worth Getting Better & Honoring Your Recovery


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