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What's Your Superpower?

At home, I'm the one who typically does the home administration and online banking. I noticed a while back that on the website of this particular bank, and the doors of all their banking centers it says: "What Would You like the Power to do?" I know they're thinking of providing funding opportunities; they’re a bank -it's what they do. But in reality, I think it's still a compelling question for us all!

I honestly believe everyone has a superpower in this life. We attended our last Parents' Night at my son's school with my husband last week, and I couldn't stop thinking about how those Teachers do what they do! All the work they have teaching our kids and planning their classes and gathering materials, plus grading homework and quizzes! That seems like a superpower to me. Granted teaching is not my background, so to me, it's sheer amazement how the whole learning process happens every day at school.

I think back when I volunteered at the Hospital, all those nurses and doctors, who work so hard within their expertise to heal patients. That's like having a superpower! Or the people who have two or sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. Those are everyday heroes! Of course, we always honor our military and first responders. They are real-life heroes, every time they defend our country or walk into a fire to rescue someone; they don't even know. Wow!

I am always amazed at the heart of the volunteers who help out after a storm or a fire. Right now in the Bahamas, they are helping out after Dorian hit. They do so much more than clean up. They also give people medical care and hope that they will be able to recover and they help them out any way they can. These volunteers are all heroes, even if they don't wear capes.

What about you? -What's your superpower?

You might not even recognize it yourself, but I'm sure someone told you: "You saved my life," when you helped them at a critical time in their life. Many heroes don't even get paid for what they do. Single Moms and Dads are all-time heroes for their kids! Grandparents that are raising the next generation with less energy, we're talking major heroes here.

I saw a shirt the other day that said: "I beat Breast Cancer. What's your Superpower?" I loved that. I guess everyone who's a survivor of any illness or trauma can say the same thing. Let's remember the effort it took to do that and celebrate our life!

I am all for celebrating others. I try to find the good in people and call out their gifts and strengths. I think encouragement is essential for all of us because it lifts our spirit. But I also feel that we can empower ourselves to do what we ought to be doing. I believe there's a sense of urgency of fulfilling our purpose while we still have the energy, the time, and the hope. As I've probably mentioned before, going back to school is one of the things I feel empowered to do; even if the other students are 2.5 times younger my age. -So what?

Is there something you've wanted to do but don't know if you have enough skill, time, or opportunities to pursue? If it's not going away in your mind and heart, then you should reconsider it. I feel there's so much we can still do in a day. If we count the time we watch TV, go on social media and watch three times the same news in a day, that's a lot of screen time! We could use it to further invest in ourselves. Maybe you want to be fit or continue studying or finish your unfinished projects. It's such an empowering feeling when we can conquer these things.

I hope you feel inspired to use your superpower in the opportunities you get. Start where you are and with what you have right now. Soon you'll see you do have a Hero inside of you. It was right there all along!

Wishing you all my best,

Maria A. Mansfield, PRS-E

Author: "Life Is Worth Getting Better" & "Honoring Your Recovery"


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