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Last "First Day of School"

After a long, restful summer, our family is getting back into gear! My youngest son will start his last First Day of School for his Senior Year in High School in a week, and I can’t even fathom how fast this day arrived! I love that he’s a Senior this year and that he’s making up his mind about where he’s going to College.

Just like his brother, he’s determined and empowered, and I feel very proud of them both! What a gift to have such great sons! My life is forever changed because we had the privilege to raise them, to enjoy them, and to be amazed by their unique personalities.

I have to tell you though, I also have a First Day of School lined up. I’m so excited I get to study, learn, and keep improving my skills. Learning has no expiration date and no age category. My sister always used to say to me: “You amaze me because you study so hard; at an age in which others would’ve probably just settled.” The thing is, I love to learn and get a better understanding on some concepts.

This Summer, I enjoyed some lazy afternoons on the porch at home reading books and I’ve cherished every page. I love what Mark Twain said: “The man who does not read, has no advantage over the one who cannot read.” It’s so important to keep learning, keep improving every aspect of our life.

Kathy R. Jeffords, once said: "What we learn becomes part of who we are." This is so true! I think for me, this learning process has enriched my life in meaningful ways. Not just learning concepts, but by improving myself as well. It’s never too late to learn, to pursue what you’ve always wanted to do. I believe age is just a number. Learning really depends more on your mindset. -I keep telling myself that if others can do it, -why can’t I? A couple of years ago, I met an older lady who inspired me. She studied and graduated from College and got her Bachelor’s Degree at 65, -even after her daughters were grown and had left home. She told me she did it because it was something she always wanted to pursue, but also so her daughters didn’t have an excuse to skip College! Wow! Good for her! By this time next year, our son will be in College. So we’ll make this last year he's at home count! We’ll enjoy him and spend as much time with him as we’re able. -After all, isn’t that what families do? They gather, chat and do dinner; they laugh, they hug and grow together. When you do these things often enough, you have more happy memories to be thankful for, than regrets to get you down.

Parenting is a dance we perfect overtime. I think you probably get it right, just in time for your kids’ High-School graduation! I'm only half kidding! The good news is, they’ll most surely visit you in the summer and love everything they used to give for granted in your home! -How come? They’ve learned to appreciate what we did for them and probably hug you a little tighter when they leave. I know this already because it happened with our older son.

Have a great 2019-2020 School Year to you and yours!

All the best,

Maria A. Mansfield, CPRS-E

Author: "Life is Worth Getting Better"

and "Honoring Your Recovery"


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