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  • Maria A. Mansfield

Make It Count

It seems we count everything. How many days of summer we have left before school starts. How many likes we got on a post. How many minutes we sit in traffic. How many calories in a day. How many more sessions in our treatment. How many classes until we graduate. How many payments we have left on our car. How many years on the mortgage. How many emails we answered today. The list goes on.

We count because math is part of life. We live in a society in which numbers gauge not just results but also our performance. We even say:“Make it count” for the things that come our way.

I love what Albert Einstein said: “Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted, counts.”

This tells me we might not be counting the right things in our life.

Why do we count what doesn’t matter and forget to make it count every time we get the chance to see our kids or spend meaningful time with the special people in our life? Why do we count the days off instead of making each one count to do something great? When did counting minutes replace being fully present? Why do we keep score of our challenges and forget to count all the other blessings, we have going in our life?

If what counts cannot be counted, maybe we don’t have to try to quantify when we’re having a great time or when we’re happy living a simple life. When we’re grateful and blessed, we need to remember to make these moments of happiness and clarity count. The simplest things in life are free, and yet sometimes, we can make life so complicated.

What do you have in mind that you are going to “Make it count?”

For me, I’m celebrating I could graduate from my Peer Recovery Specialist Course this week. I loved it. I will be able to help others recover and give them hope they are still able to live a great life. So I will make it count.

The other thing I hope for is to have new opportunities to learn, to develop my skills, and to use my gifts to serve and help others. I want to make my life count. Last but never least, I will continue to enjoy the people in my life and the special times we can enjoy together. Cherishing the opportunities to encourage them in simple ways to bring out the best in each one. So they have hope their life matters and what they do counts.

Be inspired today that what we usually count, doesn’t. The things that count we should be grateful for; they are God’s gifts to us. You can make the best of this last month of summer. Knowing you can be the best version of yourself and make your life count.

Wishing you all the best,

Maria A. Mansfield

Author: Life is Worth Getting Better


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