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Merry Christmas and Peace to You!

Christmas is a unique time for me. I enjoy everything about it. Well maybe not the traffic or the general sense of rush. But everything else seems magical. This Christmas I get to spend with my family in California. We’re visiting with my oldest son! Just being reunited with him has meant the world to me. Earlier this month I also flew to Buenos Aires to see my family there and it was such a memorable trip. I got to meet my nieces’ babies and all of my family!

I find Christmas is not a particularly peaceful season. Seems like everyone’s rushing. Trying to get Christmas ‘just right”, finishing up their work and everything that’s due. I feel Christmas is such a busy season for everyone! Even our kids have to finish up their exams and schoolwork.

During the rush of life, I am often reminded that stress is never good for me or anyone. That it messes with your health, affects your relationships and your everyday life. Only that it’s one of those things that almost works. Stress would have us think that we are doing more things and getting ahead if we stress more -except, we really aren’t. It almost had us.

In the Bible, Jesus said He came to give us peace. Peace is a promise he always keeps. He not only is the keeper of peace, but He is the Prince of Peace. This comforts me the most. It says that no matter what the circumstances are in my life I can experience His peace regardless of what’s going on. It’s always available any time we need it. Wow! I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s even a better gift than anything that’s wrapped up under the tree.

I hope you experience that peace this Christmas. That your family gathering is meaningful and joyful. That you remember the real reason for this season, celebrating the birth of our Savior. Thanking him for the reconciliation He brings to our closest relationships. Accepting His goodwill to all mankind, personally in our heart. Thanking Him for the grace He gives us freely without ever being able to earn it. And last but not least, the gift of Peace that changes everything inside our life.

Merry Christmas to you and your families or whoever is in your life you call family.

Enjoy a very Happy Holiday Season!

All the best,

Maria A. Mansfield

Author: “Life is Worth Getting Better”


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