Presenting my NEW BOOK: “Tu Vida Merece que te Mejores”

I am honored to present my new book ‘Tu Vida Merece Que te Mejores” that’s just been released today. It’s the Spanish version of “Life Is Worth Getting Better.” A faith-based journey of Recovery from Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar 2. In my narrative, the first chapters describe what happened to me previously to my diagnosis. Then I explain what helped me the most in my treatment, including the verses in the Bible, which sustained me through this struggle and how I feel today. For me, the value of this experience has been to better understand others in their own struggle with mental health and be able to help others through this book and volunteering work with NAMI (National Alliance of Men

Let Your Light Shine!

A citronella candle we have on our porch wouldn't light. I almost tossed it, -except that I'm all for recycling, so I took a closer look at it. I saw that the wick was all bent out of shape and weighed down under too much wax. After I removed the extra wax around the center, the candle was flickering brightly again. It was back to its original purpose. Wow! I thought. This candle looks just like us sometimes... Lately, we're feeling so weighed down under all that's going on around us that we could slowly lose our sparkle. We stop pursuing our purpose and what we were intended to do. We seem to lack motivation. We are worried about our circumstances. The challenges we face threaten to bend us

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