What I'm Learning During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Here are 10 things the Corona Virus Quarantine has taught me so far -but I’m still learning a few more. Maybe it might seem simplistic, but I refuse to lose my joy over this. After all, a crisis always brings growth, learning, and change. At least it’s been like that for me. 1. Family is a great gift. When we’re all so busy doing our thing, we can easily forget how blessed we are to have them and how limited our time together really is. Let’s cherish every chance we get to do lunch and dinner together, laugh, and spend time during these days. 2. We are stronger together. These are challenging times for everyone. My husband is doing Home Office, my son has no classes, and my other son in LA h

Life Comes Full Circle

Spring is almost here! I'm so excited to see some color in my back yard again, the crocuses and daffodils have started blooming. They look so perky and gorgeous against the past winter scenery. Just like other times, for me walking outdoors is the perfect classroom for Nature to teach me about how life works. I am well aware that the pretty flowers that came up have come full circle. For them to bloom, the old ones had to die, and new ones had to sprout. This is such a beautiful cycle! I also happened to notice that some of the weeds we had last year also started to come up again. This was not such a glamorous cycle. Simple things like these witness how life circles around for us too. Every

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