What's Your Superpower?

At home, I'm the one who typically does the home administration and online banking. I noticed a while back that on the website of this particular bank, and the doors of all their banking centers it says: "What Would You like the Power to do?" I know they're thinking of providing funding opportunities; they’re a bank -it's what they do. But in reality, I think it's still a compelling question for us all! I honestly believe everyone has a superpower in this life. We attended our last Parents' Night at my son's school with my husband last week, and I couldn't stop thinking about how those Teachers do what they do! All the work they have teaching our kids and planning their classes and gatheri

Choosing Progress Over Perfection

The School Year is well on its way, so our family is in full mode Academics! Busy between college counseling meetings and narrowing college options with my son; along with some meaningful conversations over dinner. I'm mindful of how fast this year will go. In the meantime, I started studying again. We also got a new puppy: a chocolate lab called Wilson; he's been outstanding so far! Must admit, he slept through the night way faster than my kids! My new book "Honoring Your Recovery: 8 Ways to Find Purpose and Joy" is out since the end of August, and I love the comments of the people who have read it and have found it helpful. Though I experienced some personal challenges this year, I was abl

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