My New Book! Honoring Your Recovery

I am so honored my new book is out on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions. It just started selling so I thought I would tell you! You can also get it at Barnes and Noble. Honoring Your Recovery is a Recovery Workbook for readers in Recovery, and also for those who want to live out a better version of their life. My hope is that this read will inspire readers to improve their life by finding more meaning and joy in their everyday routines. I encourage them to honor their Recovery by taking a good look at their life, recognizing their strengths, being patient with their shortcomings, and getting rid of any strategies that don’t serve them well for achieving their goals. I have used example

Last "First Day of School"

After a long, restful summer, our family is getting back into gear! My youngest son will start his last First Day of School for his Senior Year in High School in a week, and I can’t even fathom how fast this day arrived! I love that he’s a Senior this year and that he’s making up his mind about where he’s going to College. Just like his brother, he’s determined and empowered, and I feel very proud of them both! What a gift to have such great sons! My life is forever changed because we had the privilege to raise them, to enjoy them, and to be amazed by their unique personalities. I have to tell you though, I also have a First Day of School lined up. I’m so excited I get to study, learn,

Make It Count

It seems we count everything. How many days of summer we have left before school starts. How many likes we got on a post. How many minutes we sit in traffic. How many calories in a day. How many more sessions in our treatment. How many classes until we graduate. How many payments we have left on our car. How many years on the mortgage. How many emails we answered today. The list goes on. We count because math is part of life. We live in a society in which numbers gauge not just results but also our performance. We even say:“Make it count” for the things that come our way. I love what Albert Einstein said: “Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted, cou

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