When We Forget Who We Really Are

At the height of summer in Virginia, we had a 97F scorcher yesterday! The humidity was brutal! At home, Sunday is our chill-out day as a family. We stop everything we're doing and spend the day together with no agenda. Typically, I go to Church and then we have lunch, and in the afternoon we just chill. We have learned as a family that it gives us physical and emotional margin, it provides a breather, and a safe space to relax before the week starts. You might be wondering why we're not at the Mall grabbing all the Summer Sales, or throwing in some loads of laundry, or at least buying groceries! I know but, we try to stay home and rest! Yesterday was no exception. After Church, we splashed

You're Already Successful!

America has always been associated as the land of opportunities and success. As we celebrate America’s 243rd Birthday today, I believe as a culture we continue to search for a better life, a brighter future and new opportunities to bring success for ourselves and our families. In a sense, we are more alike than different, because we are all looking to be successful in all areas of our life. It’s what we do. I think most of us would agree that in essence, no matter what culture we live in, we all desire similar things: to be successful, to be happy, to love someone, and to feel loved. However, I doubt we have the same definition of what success is. I believe for every person; success could me

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