A Heart Harvest

I love the fall colors already displayed on the trees here in Virginia. They’re really stunning. I also like all the fruit that’s harvested and just the bounty of the Fall season. We’re blessed to have all seasons, -how we enjoy each one. I think in our life we also go through seasons. Some are plentiful and beautiful, yet some seem so bare, like nothing’s really going on. We love the part of our life when there’s a season of love, joy, peace, when we experience abundant kindness, patience, those days we have enough goodness, gentleness and self-control to soar. This is also a harvest, -a heart harvest, enabled by the Holy Spirit working in our life. (Galatians 5:22-23). But what happens wh

It's Never Too Late

Growing up I wasn’t an A student, but I probably ranked somewhere in the middle of my class. Unfortunately, after I finished high school, I wasn’t able to go to college. I started working pretty young, then met my husband a few years later and got married. We had two boys. Loved every minute of it and I also enjoyed being a stay-at-home-Mom. We also moved a lot because of my husband's work so we got to travel. However, after I had my second son, I got sick with clinical depression. I was sick for ten long years. I also had anxiety and bipolar class II towards the end of that decade. I felt like a lot of things in my life were put on hold during this time, until I was able to recover. In my b

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