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"HONORING YOUR RECOVERY: 8 Ways To Find Purpose and Joy In Your Life"

By Maria A. Mansfield

“Honoring Your Recovery: 8 Ways to Find Purpose and Joy in Your Life,” is a Recovery Workbook for readers in Recovery or for anyone who just wants to live out a better version of their life.


Maria A. Mansfield inspires readers to improve their life by finding more meaning and joy in their everyday routines. She encourages them to honor their recovery by taking a good look at their life, recognizing their own strengths, being patient with their shortcomings, and getting rid of any strategies that don’t serve them well for achieving their goals.


Maria uses examples of her own personal life, to help readers achieve higher wellness levels. She suggests learning and adopting more positive coping skills, honoring those who have helped them, and pursuing their passion. Last but never least, she invites readers to find ways to give back and make an intentional impact on their life.


Maria hopes to inspire readers with this Workbook so that they can find more purpose and joy in their life, and to live out the best version of themselves they possibly can.



Maria A. Mansfield currently resides in Virginia with her husband James.

She has two sons and two dogs, Rocky and their newest puppy, Wilson. 


In her first book, “Life is Worth Getting Better” Maria tells her recovery

story from mental health challenges, addressing what happened, what

helped her get better, and how she’s doing now.


Now in her second book, “Honoring Your Recovery” the author addresses peers who are in Recovery and anyone who wants to find more purpose and joy in their everyday life.

She inspires her readers by using examples of her own life on how’s she’s been able to stay well for the last seven years. She still holds close to her heart, the coping skills she learned in her treatment and continues practicing them.


Maria is grateful for the opportunity to live in wellness, and to be able to help others, through her lived experience. Maria also volunteers for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and helps other peers who are recovering, feel inspired and hopeful that they can live a more purposeful and joyful life.


She’s always amazed by the resiliency of the human spirit, and the courage it takes to reach higher levels of mental wellness. Maria loves spending time with her family, gardening, and walking their dogs Rocky and Wilson.

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